Your most valuable resource – your employees.
More turnover, better service, satisfied employees!


Our workforce management solution is an innovative, user-friendly tool for your multichannel management with comprehensive functions. It offers real-time reporting allowing you to adjust planning during ongoing operations and thus meet agreed service levels – even after unforeseen staff shortfalls.

The powerful optimization generator then creates an updated schedule within a few moments. The holiday planning considers resources and the allocation of special services according to a fairness factor. Before the shifts are published, various scenarios can be analyzed and, if necessary, adjusted from the point of view of costs and service levels.

Those affected can view their shifts online and, taking their skills matches into account, exchange them if necessary.


Reduces over- and understaffing
Increases service levels and productivity
Reduces administrative overhead
Short setup time, quick to learn and intuitive to use
Interfaces to relevant programs
User-friendly interface with familiar look & feel
Adherence to plans in real time and up-to-the-minute influence
Higher employee satisfaction through fairness factor
Consideration of preferred working hours
Meaningful reports on your KPI performance indicators
Modular structure
Fast ROI

In the area personnel data, employee data such as employment contracts, shift schedules, availability, agreements, skills, inquiries or notes are managed. It is compatible with most trade union contracts and provides interfaces to accounting and time recording systems.

The shift planning offers a forecast from historical data, different forecast scenarios, if-then analyses, personalized statistics, trend curves, Erlang-C calculations, flexible definition of service levels, etc.

In the holiday planning area, the solution features a “Holidays by Skills” function, which immediately shows the personnel planner from which “Skill Budget” free time or holidays can still be granted.

Time accounts are managed year-spanning and support you to keep an eye on the compliance with the quotas of working hours and vacation days on a daily basis at all times.

The perfect time to schedule meetings or training for selected employees are found within seconds, considering the expected call volume and break times.

Forecasts can be easily created for different scenarios such as different budgets, seasonal fluctuations or market trends.

Future growth can be simulated and various parameters for negative growth can be taken into account.

The system creates a precise graphical overview of your personnel requirements.

It supports inbound and outbound calls, generates target forecasts for non-call activities such as email, web chats, back office and supervision, and when distributed across multiple locations or multi-skill-based agents, the overview can be split across different channels to create a forecast for each business unit.

The Agent Performance Report is a useful tool to analyze the performance of your call center and individual agents. It includes parameters such as scheduled switching time, call duration, occupancy, schedule adherence, number of calls, average processing time and indicates delays or premature end of work as well as compliance with them.

The Call Traffic Report is a reporting package that provides informative statistics by linking data from WFM solution with data from the telephone system. The report provides important information about forecasts in connection with the current results, service levels, trailers and cost-benefit calculations.

Advanced targeting
This module checks the multi-skill plan created using simulation based on call volume per plan per skilled agent, real-time intraday simulation, accurate calculation of KPIs, service levels and volume of overflow partners, shrinkage forecasts, what-if analyses, etc.

The web interface enables agents to access their shift plans online. Availabilities and requests for missing and special operating times can also be entered. Can also be accessed via Outlook, iCal, Google, Android or iPhone.

The TimeBar is a real-time application for agents to track schedules and receive alerts that activities need to be changed or paused and they need to log out. The agents can also track their individual occupancy and schedule adherence to the exact day.


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