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/ / Allgemein / 5. September 2017

One of the newest and most fascinating trends emerging in the digital marketing world is fully interactive media that leverages print materials in a new digitally enhanced and interactive manner. Interactive videos in particular are growing the popularity ladder with regards to the involvement level they provide. If you want people to watch your content, learn about your brand, and move down your sales funnel, your video content has to be good. Not just high-quality, but more importantly – engaging.

In general, videos are one of the most popular media driving the communication space today; and if the numbers are anything to go by, their influence is only going to get stronger in the years to come. It was forecasted that by this year, 74% of all internet traffic would be video content and by 2020, 75% of mobile data traffic will be video too.

Personalized Interactive videos is a terrific way to customize the experience to the specific user’s needs. So, what are the reasons behind interactive content videos becoming so popular?

Amount of information displayed

The logic is simple, video excels at delivering messages quickly, effectively and memorably because of its multisensory nature. With interactive videos, you can combine the high-level, attention-getting information with more detailed background information. You can use the video to pique interest and cover the high-level ideas — and use links within the video to provide more information, create better opportunities to make decisions and link to supporting content or other videos.

Avoid disturbance

Meanwhile, interactive videos are able to prevent distraction periods. Moving smoothly and seamlessly from one video to another with no interruptions or breaks in the narrative is a great merit. It provides a much higher degree of emotional engagement and immersion for the viewer.

Analytics matter

Companies can also see the analytical side of their interactive campaigns to chart its success. Knowing what the viewers tapped, when they tapped it, what they completed, when they left the video and so forth can give you good insights about the efficiency of your created content. These stats can be extremely useful in determining the viewer’s preferences, abilities or attention span, which in turn helps you create better targeted content.

Boosts conversion & ROI

The most important benefit is that quality interactive media tools will ultimately help to increase conversion rates, boost your profits and ROI through the enhanced customer engagement. A call-to-action such as a feature button like “buy now”, “learn more” or “download here” is a great way to go.

Overall, interactive videos can help you create more engaging, personalized, and flexible digital experiences for your audience—while also driving results for your marketing program. If you believe your brand needs a deeper level of engagement with your customers, Sogedes Digital could do the job for you. Check out more here.


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