Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Desktop Automation

Find out how your employees can be helped with their multitude of applications and complex processes!

Simplify your work!

Find out how your employees can be helped managing their multitude of applications and complex processes! Optimize your First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time and Cross-/ Up-Selling odds.

Create an improved customer experience at lower cost and more revenue by optimizing your business process across different applications, avoiding automated and incorrect data entry and reducing navigation between different applications to 1 meaningful user interface.

Recognition of business processes
Captures user activity and user interaction with desktop applications.
Provides tools to measure user processes and generate reports.
Use on a small number of desktops for a single audit

Optimizes and automates user processes, improves user performance
Automates manual processes, changes user interfaces and provides process support for all operational workflows.
Compatible with all technologies and applications (own or third party)

Monitors business activity from a user perspective
Provides built-in reports and views to help you evaluate and report on user activity.
Captures process information for the entire workforce: Use summary reports or filter by groups, teams or regions.


Optimiert und automatisiert Nutzerprozesse

Workflow optimization through consolidation & automation
Automation of repetitive tasks, automated data transfer between applications to save time and avoid errors, process-oriented analysis and management of customer contact

Unified desktop with 360 degree view
Context-related information display to avoid searches and support in the area of “Next Best Action”, integration of different and optimized display of existing applications, integration of data from various sources

Enhancement of outdated and simplification of existing technologies through Web Services
Possibility of migration to SaaS and thus use at different locations, time saving through single sign-on

Higher sales at lower costs
Increase First Call Resolution
Reduction of average handling time
Workflow Optimization & Desktop Automation
Maximization of up & cross selling opportunities
Exploitation of service-to-sales potentials

Time to market
Shorter training period for agents
Reduced training costs for new employees
Cross-application reporting

Improved and secured processes
Error reduction and fraud prevention
Ensuring compliance rules

Improved customer experience
360° Contextual customer information
Next Best Action
Profile-based Guidance
Best Practice Analyses
Higher employee motivation

Long-term improvements
Operational Excellence
Sustainable agility
Improved customer lifetime value
Lower sick leave of employees
Strengthening governance

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