Multi-Site Contact Center

Our multi-site contact center solution helps you to better manage your locations and partners, and make them more successful.

Control or Flexibility?

Location and partner management through centralization of call center infrastructure and control is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, transparency, quality management and data protection are good arguments for this and cost shifting, loss of creativity and loss of flexibility are equally good arguments against it.

The multi-site contact center solution minimizes the disadvantages and expands the advantages so that flexibility and creativity of individual locations and partners can be retained as far as possible and important issues such as transparency, quality and data protection can be optimally controlled at the same time.

This is possible because an open and well-structured technical solution is combined with expert knowledge and years of experience.
Manage your customer contacts via a central, yet comprehensive application, whether voice, chat, video, e-mail or social media. From the cloud, on site or in a hybrid model.

Our multi-site contact center solution helps you to better manage your locations and partners and make them more successful.


Optimizes and automates user processes


  • The technology adapts to your existing service processes – and not vice versa.
  • Contact channels can be added quickly and easily for all or individual sites.
  • The solution is easy to use, requires a minimum of training and can be client-oriented.
  • Control is provided by central management and routing of all communication channels.
  • The control of individual locations, groups or campaigns can be placed in any hands.
  • Cross-location routing, quality management and reporting across all contact channels.
  • Different processes with different tasks can be mapped within locations or partners, but also across locations or in groups.


  • All communication channels controlled by a routing algorithm
  • Distribution according to dynamic criteria
  • Context based routing, success or skill based routing across all locations
  • Hierarchical reporting with strict data separation and anonymizable views
  • Real BPO is made possible by unified desktop content and workflow management processes controlling hierarchical and granular rights management in all areas
  • Data management at all levels with intelligent distribution, even in outbound processing
  • Unified Desktop site-, partner-, group-, or campaign specific
  • Dashboard and quality management hierarchically structured and fully customizable for each user
  • Efficient connection of the telecommunication technology with the customer database during a call or contact scripter + workflow generator
  • Web based application generator
  • Excellent productivity reporting
  • Real-time reporting & control Call recording and silent monitoring


You want to enable a simple overflow to a partner contact center or introduce a complex routing of different communication channels or task areas according to dynamic, success-oriented, escalation-dependent or customer value-dependent criteria and at the same time retain control and the possibility to do everything differently tomorrow.

New partners or locations are created and ready for operation within a few hours. And all this without any technical challenge.


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