Creating sophisticated self-service voice portals (for instance in financial services customer service) is one of the core features of the system.


Use cases
With one of the most comprehensive workflow designers in the industry, you can automate a wide range of communication processes. Typical applications are e.g. Routine queries such as the entry of a customer number or the pre-qualification of the caller, to direct forwarding to the best available agent. Automated customer satisfaction surveys after the call or prioritization of top customers are also common applications.

Creating sophisticated self-service voice portals (for instance in financial services customer service) is one of the core features of the system.

At the heart of the IVR system is the graphical workflow editor, which can be used to create complex workflows using drag & drop. For instance, requesting information from the caller – both by automatic speech recognition and by tone dialing (DTMF) is possible. But this is not all: the system controls even more, such as the reading of announcements (Text to speech), the inquiry and the writing from and in data bases, the simple integration into backend information systems, the processing and the dispatch of emails or the integration of further communication channels like e.g. Chat and social media channels. And if the provided functionality is not enough, the built-in programming interfaces (Java Script, SOA, REST) make sure that every system can be integrated.



The technology adapts to your existing service processes – and not vice versa
Other contact channels can be added quick and easy
Many standard interfaces facilitate integration into your back-end systems
Controlled by centralized management and adaptable to all aspects of Ad Hoc
Extensive live dashboard and reporting features facilitate quality
PCI compliance, security and reliability
You have the freedom of different usage models, such as On Premise, Public or Private Cloud

Interactive Voice Response
Intelligent database-based call and media routing
Speech dialogue system with text to speech and speech recognition
Fully integrated into the Multichannel Customer Interaction System or as Stand-Alone System
Possibilities to connect to all common backend systems, database systems and combined with Inbound ACD, Outbound Dialing, Video Call (WebRTC), Chat, Email, Social Media, Mobile

Secure caller authentication
Self service automation
Call Recording
Web based application generator
Excellent and flexible reporting

The open and flexible system architecture of our IVR voice dialogue system enables the application to be adapted to your service processes down to the smallest details. There are virtually no limits to your imagination when it comes to mapping innovative service processes or creating stand-alone self-service applications.

The focus is always on simple operation, safety and stability.

Whether you want to be in charge of creation of your own processes, or fall back on our experienced specialist team, the choice is yours.


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