Inbound ACD

You can use the sogedes multichannel ACD as a virtual ACD from the private and public cloud, as an on-site system, as a hybrid system and as an IN platform.


Sogedes Multichannel ACD extends your standards in customer contact.

Designed as a multi-channel touchpoint management system, sogedes ACD connects your incoming customer contact requests with the right priority to the right agents, no matter the contact medium your customers use. Whether it’s Call, Email, Chat, Social Media Feeds, IVR, Fax, SMS or Mobile Interaction (APP), the ACD streamlines the processing time, latency and efficiency of your customer care, and easily integrates your applications and back-end systems.

The blending of all contact channels is a standard feature that does not incur any additional costs and works well with the seamlessly integrated outbound dialling system. User-optimized operation and user-definable interfaces and processes expand the so-called Multichannel ACD into a workflow management system in customer contact.

You can use sogedes multichannel ACD as a virtual ACD from the private and public cloud, as an on-site system, as a hybrid system and as an IN platform. In doing so, usage-based billing, purchase or rent are available to you as flexible economic models.



  • Cross-site call center management
  • Easy connection to partners and home offices
  • Cross-channel Customer Interaction solution for distribution and processing of calls, e-mails, faxes, SMS, mobile apps, events and social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter
  • Full multi-client capability. Control your partners from a solution without losing your overview
  • No cost traps with so-called “additional options”. Features such as Call Waiting, Call Waiting Callback Options or Live Dashboard, Wallboard and Reporting Generator are all standard and included.
  • User interfaces in 10 languages
  • ACD solutions for free queues
  • Optimized call mediation costs through centralized call distribution across all locations, countries and areas.
  • Low requirements due to a modern VoIP based system architecture suitable for in-house installation and cloud operation.
  • Flexible connection to phones, preferably via VoIP connection, but also ISDN.
  • Fast implementation: you can start working from the cloud in a few days. If you choose on-site installation, local ACD needs 3-4 weeks.
  • Individually adaptable to customer needs and processes at any time
  • Use-based payment, purchase or renting options.
  • Technical support, maintenance, updates and upgrades.
  • Inbound ACD can be expended to all available channels at the press of a button
  • Unified desktop including the sogedes application generator and process scripter
  • Various interfaces? to third-party ERP and CRM systems
  • Social media interaction and mobile app integration
  • Voice recording in stereo quality with quality management options
  • Multi-site contact center management and client control
  • Media Blending for Inbound / Outbound / Email / Fax / SMS / Chat / IVR / Mobile Apps
  • Comprehensive, customizable web user interface for data control and call qualification
  • Voice and DTMF control in inbound and outbound with interactive voice response.
  • CTI: Efficient connection of telecommunication technology with customer database during a call or guideline scripter + workflow generator
  • Web-based application generator for creating your own processes and control modules
  • Excellent and flexible historical reporting
  • Real-time reporting and control, call recording, silent monitoring, coaching
  • Intelligent routing mechanisms with access to a skill matrix, database values, customer scoring and much more.
  • Last Agent Routing, VIP Routing, Percent Routing and many other scenarios.
  • Concierge function. Callers on hold can hang up without losing their waiting space. The ACD will automatically call back via outbound call as soon as the waiting position is reached.
  • Email Management with callback function. Incoming emails with callback request are automatically served at the desired time by outbound call.
  • Voice Mail Routing and Default Callback as Overflow Scenario
  • Internal call transfer, external transfer, hot and cold transfer of callers and many more flexible features
  • The technology adapts to your existing service processes – and not vice versa
  • Contact channels can be added quickly and easily.

The solution is easy to use while simultaneously allowing complexity and depth of detail. The open system infrastructure and the open and documented databases allow easy extension and integration of the system into your environment.

Control is provided by central management and routing of all communication channels. You have the freedom of different usage models, such as On Premise, Public or Private Cloud Multi Channel Customer Interaction


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