Gamification uses game mechanisms and design to create a playful experience during working hours.


Personnel rotation within service centers is among the highest in the industry, while salary levels are among the lowest. It therefore makes sense to introduce mechanisms that both increase employee motivation and reflect personal progress.

Structure and ad-hoc landscape:
Many contact centers already reward their employees with prizes or awards, but this process is often done manually. By creating clearly structured leaderboards, real-time analysis, and distributing points into 3 categories (quests, challenges and achievements), you add a high degree of efficiency and sustainability to this process.

Motivate your employees!
Often employees do not recognize the existing development potential within the organization. Create a personal development plan with clearly defined goals from junior agent to knowledge carrier and use the experience points gained to advance within the ranking.

Integrate technology within the best possible personnel landscape:
Achieving a clear improvement requires a complex interaction of quality management, personnel planning, e-learning and constant motivation. With our gamification engine, you can do just that. A software that combines the desired KPIs from different systems and presents them to the player in a modern design.


To be able to build the platform, you first need all accomplishments or values that are to be used. These values do not have to be limited to the service center, complete the data from other departments and let your colleagues participate in the game as well. Our approach follows the following three categories:

The player receives a “mission” to complete. This can be, for example, the completion of a course or the achievement of a certain target value. Quests can also be done on a team basis.

This is a competition between different players/teams. (Best result in the customer survey, best acceptance rate, number of sales, etc.). During the challenge, the current values are displayed in real time and can also be viewed by players on the move via app.

Achievements are defined goals that can be achieved over time. (e.g. pass the trial period, 1000th call etc.) Achievements can be offered to every employee and do not include a competition. Players can earn both experience points and bonus points. These can be directly exchanged for prices (from free day to gifts, etc.) via the integrated marketplace.

With our Gamification solution we have created a platform that demonstrates its true strength in combination with OneWorkForce, OneContact or any other solution within your company. Simply connect the gaming platform to your ACD or workforce management system.

  • Gamification adds a new element to your work environment and provides motivation and loyalty in a playful way.
  • Challenges introduce transparent competition between your employees.
  • With the help of team challenges, you achieve corporate goals in a playful manner and promote identification and teamwork.
  • With the integration of the e-learning module, additional incentives can be created for the implementation of further education measures and training of your employees.


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