Register customer concerns centrally and edit them intelligently!


Register customer concerns centrally and edit them intelligently!
With NLA / Mail or Ticket / CTI and the BI – Cockpit reliable, efficient and the best quality for your customers, from the start.

Your customers communicate with you through all available channels. Our solution analyzes and categorizes data from e-mail, chat, social media, letters, or faxes, ensuring that your customers’ concerns are handled reliably, efficiently, and in the best possible quality. In the process, unstructured and partly written customer requests are quickly analyzed and precisely categorized.

Still, you want to capture the emotional content of each message, so you can react appropriately. The intelligent analysis uses complex patterns to identify the language, content and emotions of all inquiries – accurately. Concerns are properly categorized and assigned to the appropriate employee. You want to reduce the manual effort in your customer service to a minimum and all customer concerns should be automatically assigned to the right people. This means finding the optimal solution for every case without long processing.


Editing customer requests
Nowadays customer requests arrive via different channels and often do not end up in the right place or even get lost completely. All customer requests can now be recorded centrally, regardless of the communication channel, and intelligently and effortlessly processed. Standard inquiries are answered by our solution automatically.

Automated procedures
Manual processing and cumbersome forwarding to the responsible office takes time and money. This annoys not only team members, but also the customers. Now you can automate complex processes to make your life easier. All customer concerns can be processed reliably, efficiently and in the best quality.

Transparency and improvement
Monitors all service issues constantly, collects all information and generates comprehensive reporting. For example, it becomes clear where problems lie and what can be improved. This means you’ll always know exactly how satisfied your customers really are.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Trade
  • Automotive
  • publishers
  • telecommunications
  • Health
  • Public hand
  • IT / Telecommunications
  • The technology adapts to your existing service processes – and not vice versa
  • Contact channels can be added quickly and easily.

The solution is easy to use while allowing complexity and depth of detail. The open system infrastructure and the open and documented databases allow easy extension and integration of the system into your environment.

Control is provided by central management and routing of all communication channels. You have the freedom of different usage models, such as On Premise, Public or Private Cloud Multi Channel Customer Interaction


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