Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud


Our business and usage models enable you to implement your customer interaction solution in the optimally. The flexible switch between Cloud solution and On Premise allows for sustainability and cost efficiency simultaneously – with a sensible total cost of ownership.

Public Cloud
They access standardized modules via the Internet, are quickly ready for use and have a payment model based on demand and consumption.

Private Cloud
An individual configuration of your solution, scalable, physically separated and with secure connections enables the central administration and control of your decentralized locations and service providers.

Hybrid Cloud
We adapt to your situation by changing or combining internal IT, public and private cloud systems.

Smart Control – Smart Routing – Smart Channel Management
Cloud solutions are also suitable for intelligent control of external service providers as part of your business process outsourcing. Challenges in the areas of call control, waiting field management, service provider control, transparency and consistency can be successfully met with a central private cloud solution. This ensures greater efficiency and faster implementation of your satellites’ projects.

And if required, different communication channels can be added flexibly and without any further installation or integration effort.



  • Public Cloud: Ready-to-use & On demand with demand and consumption-based payment models
  • Private Cloud: Individual configuration and structure of VPN
  • Hybrid Solution: Change from On Premise & Cloud Services
  • Multi-site contact center management: central control of decentralized locations and service providers creates efficiency, transparency and fast project implementation
  • Flexible and modular functions and channels limit costs to what is meaningful and necessary
  • Outsourcing IT means investment and future security

A routing with central intelligence enables a sophisticated Skilled Based Routing, VIP Based Routing and thus higher quality of the overload scenarios in comparison to a purely %-ual distribution of the calls. A central data management is the basis for a better process control of the service providers as well as the own back office processes. At the same time, data is returned in a uniform, standardized format. Central reporting ensures data consistency and thus higher data quality, uniformity and comparability and, above all, real-time access at any time.

Frontend / User Interface
A central cloud solution provides a uniform interaction platform and thus simplifies the handling of agents, reduces the technological effort for the connection of backend systems and enables a dynamic, uniform and fast adaptation or fast roll-out of new projects.

Quality management
The central consolidation of all data opens up new dimensions in the area of workforce optimization. In the area of reporting & supervision, real-time control and management of all service providers with uniform Balancecore Cards or KPIs makes benchmarking easier and more meaningful.

A central voice recording has the advantage of recalling the calls for quality purposes by the client or third parties

Data protection and security
Central data storage with dynamic data set assignment facilitates the fulfilment and guarantee of existing data protection guidelines.

And a central or geo-redundancy system ensures immediate replacement in the event of a service provider’s failure.


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