Automate services using the latest technologies
such as IBM Watson or Virtual Agents, Chatbots or Avatars.

Ai inside Chatbots

Expand your team with intelligent chatbots and increase efficiency and quality in social customer service and social media marketing. The intelligent robots are among the world’s leading solutions for AI chatbots, knowledge management and customer engagement.

Our marketing and service chatbots combine state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge management to perfection. The integrated chatbot technology allows you fully automated, personalized social media communication with your fans and followers. The virtual chatbot answers questions independently and interacts with your customers around the clock – 7 days a week. Your social media team can finally redirect its focus to the actually important customer interactions.

Social Customer Engagement

Integration of social networks
Customers can interactively interact
Strengthening the brand and brand perception
Increase reach through social likes, shares and tweets

Live Chat

Combination of virtual agents and live chat
Support in live chat with integrated knowledge base
Editable answer / formulation suggestions
Best Practice feedback loop for ongoing optimization

Knowledge Management

Bridging internal “silos”
Use content from the Web, contact center, live chat, and internal databases
Individual access rights and workflows to control creation, validation and publishing
Comprehensive analysis of customer communication


Ai inside Chatbots

Full integration of marketing and service chatbots
Hybrid artificial intelligence combines human learning with self-learning systems
Best practice content nursing and automatic learning processes ensure the quality of response
Smart pre-qualification of relevant posts and chats
Short reaction times on your social media channels
Reduce the handling time of your social media team by up to 40%

Integration of all common social media platforms
Automatic forwarding of tweets and posts to AI chatbots
Intelligent analysis of tweets and comments
Automatic editing and interaction of posts
Live chat integration of your social media channels
Integration of knowledge databases, content systems, communities and forums
Of course, natural language processing (NLP) enables linguistic dialogues

For the hybrid approach of sogedes, it’s important to combine human learning and machine learning, thus ensuring a continuous, effective and reliable improvement process of chatbots. You always have complete control over all functionalities and the response standards of your virtual assistance systems.

We have developed our approach in collaboration with international companies and understand how virtual assistants need to be integrated into an effective social media process and what your customers’ needs for virtual solutions today and in the future will be.


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