14th International Annual Conference of the APCC 2018 in Lisbon

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12. June 2018 | SOGEDES

A future filled with change for contact centers: Martin Wild speaker at 14th international APCC Conference.

Martin Wild, CEO of sogedes.digital, gave a talk at the 14th annual conference of APCC, the association of Portuguese contact centers, in Lisbon on June 18th. Theme of the conference was “Contact Centers Challenge: What we are and what we’ll be,” and the meeting offered room for both national and international speakers to share their expertise. Martin presented current trends in the tech landscape of German contact centers.


What are the trends in the landscape of customer experience? Although the three biggest trends, AI and bots, customer experience and cloud technology, may not be surprising, there is a lot of action in the contact center world. For example, social media and video chat are increasing, corresponding to the expected decline in the role of telephony in contact centers. On top of this, AI and automation technologies are gaining in importance.

On the one hand we see digital transformation leading to new channels and tools, on the other hand the radical centricity of customers – customer engagement as a starting point, with automation and digitization as an instrument. This turns the contact center into a true user experience hub – where people and machines work closely together for an excellent customer experience.

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